A note to encourage you

By Mark Eckart, Harvest Church Overseer

This message is about tithing. Please hear me out and continue reading, ha-ha. I’m sure most of you practice tithing by giving from the first fruits of your labor, and that is wonderful! We have also for many years tithed and God has proven many times over His faithfulness to multiply our finances and meet our needs according to Malachi 3:10. I want to share with you what I am learning about tithing of my time and talents.


The first place that time is required of me is my time spent with the Lord. Usually, the morning is best for me, but sometimes evening; even better both! Whatever works best for you is what matters, not putting God in a box is best, of course. My time with Him enables me to keep my focus on Kingdom life and how I should spend the rest of my time with others; family, friends, neighbors, etc. Even though time with God remains a constant, the rest of my time has suddenly become enlarged as I have recently retired. As nice as it has been so far to sleep a little later and have time to relax, I realized my days turned into weeks and months very quickly. Looking back, I didn’t like what I was seeing. A life full of experiences not being used or conveyed to help anyone else meant those experiences and lessons were just staying dormant in me. The talents I have been given and using for 50 years didn’t just stop or disappear!


I began to seek God for an answer to, “What do I do now?”. I think I heard a chuckle and a whisper saying, “I thought you’d never ask”. Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for”?  Here we go! The answer started showing itself in a number of ways through people, events, etc.…More importantly through needs around me. Once God opened my eyes it wasn’t rocket science to notice “Hey! I can help with this or with that.” Scripture comes to my heart, “Whatever you do, do unto the Lord.” For me it may be simple things like changing a tire, doing laundry, or painting a room. Better yet maybe just listening to someone who is hurting and needs a friend. What comes natural for you might be a real challenge for me or others. Thus, sharing your talent can and will build up the Body of Christ and fulfill the Law of Love that the Gospel stands for. Hallelujah!


Obedience not legalism will keep the first fruits of our time and talents prosperous for the Kingdom as well as ourselves. Having not achieved my goals yet in these areas I am still a work in progress, some days more than others. Let’s all pray for one another to have victory in the areas we need to work on.


Blessings to you all,


Mark Eckart

Harvest Church Overseer


PS - Lets all keep Pastor Jeff and Brian McCarthy in our prayers as they are still in Argentina